Workplace Investigations

Moeller Barbaree’s attorneys regularly conduct or provide advice regarding company internal investigations regarding issues such as allegations of discrimination, whistleblower retaliation, harassment, hostile work environment, employee misconduct, employee fraud, and other workplace concerns. Moeller Barbaree’s Atlanta attorneys work with clients to address and resolve highly-sensitive situations. A properly conducted workplace investigation can reduce conflict in the work environment, promote job satisfaction and inclusion, and can also help shield an employer from potential legal liability.

In working with companies to conduct a workplace investigation, Moeller Barbaree’s goal is to swiftly achieve thorough fact-finding through a professional and confidential process. Specifically, Moeller Barbaree can assist management in:

  • Determining the appropriate type of investigation
  • Determining the appropriate personnel (either internal or external) to conduct the investigation
  • Determining the appropriate witnesses and interviews to conduct
  • Determining appropriate questions and questioning techniques
  • Identification and collection of relevant documents
  • Implementation of appropriate documentation procedures
  • Analysis of appropriate remedial actions to take in light of findings from investigation, including recommended disciplinary action
  • Anticipating and preparing for potential related litigation
  • Counseling persons involved in the investigation, including accused persons, so as to minimize the risk of litigation and claims of retaliation.

Moeller Barbaree’s Atlanta-based employment lawyers can assist you in a workplace investigation. If you have a situation that you believe may require the involvement of experienced lawyers, please contact the Atlanta lawyers at Moeller Barbaree at 404-748-9122 or use our convenient email form to inquire about whether our services are right for you.

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